Selling Your Hometown: Writing Travel Articles About Your Own Town

People love to travel. Whether it is to large, ancient cities visited by millions of tourists each year, or cosy little bread-and-breakfast towns-people love to go out into the world to discover what it has to offer. No wonder tourism makes a significant portion of the revenues of many towns.

If you’re looking to put your town on the map, writing travel articles is a great way to reach travellers. The birth and growth of the Internet has significantly changed the way we gather and disseminate information. These days, one can do a simple search for a holiday destination and be rewarded with literally millions of travel articles. The good news is, by the same vein, what you write about your hometown can reach thousands of readers from all over the world; it’s just a matter of great writing and proper marketing.

People read travel articles with a single goal: information. People love learning about their place of interest, and knowing what to expect when they get there. They appreciate recommendations on where to stay and what sites to see, events and activities they can participate in, great restaurants and the local delicacies, ‘what the town is famous for’, and other helpful information, including famous residents and sites of historical significance. The more someone can learn about your hometown, the more excited they will be about visiting this new place and the more comfortable they will feel about making the journey. Therefore, doing your research is important. The more information you have, the better you can sell your product.

When listing the selling points of your town in your travel articles, remember that people are multi-faceted. They have different interests and passions, and travel for different reasons. Towns or cities are the same-they all have different facets and points of interest. Many travel magazines and blogs ask for general information, whereas others prefer more-targeted, special-interest information, such as the local cuisine or local events and festivals. Providing the right information for the right market is therefore crucial. For example, when writing for budget travel magazines, consider giving recommendations on safe but affordable accommodations, great but cheap food, and free attractions.

However, as helpful as facts and figures are, what sells a destination is its unique charm and characteristics-a personality that is only its own-and the history and experiences it offers to visitors. As someone who loves your hometown, you are in the best position to tell the story of your town, make it come alive to your readers, and invite them to become part of it. Write passionately about what makes it unique and why you and your fellow residents love it, and you won’t help but produce a compelling article. What you do with it it then is up to you!

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